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Question: What is the difference between standard “ceramic” tiles and porcelain tiles?

Answer: Tile terminology can be confusing. Most types of tiles that are made from,
clay or a mixture of clay and other materials, then kiln-fired, are considered
to be a part of the larger classification called “Ceramic Tiles”. These tiles
can be split into two groups, porcelain tiles and non-porcelain tiles. These
non-porcelain tiles are frequently referred to as ceramic tiles by themselves,
separate from porcelain tiles.

Question: Should a sealer be used on ceramic tile?

Answer: A glazed tile is already stain proof, so there is no purpose to putting
on a sealer. You may put a penetrating sealer on your unglazed tile or your grout
joints. The penetrating sealer is an invisible, stain resistantshield that is
absorbed into the surface.

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